9/11: We Must Never Forget


The horror of this day must never be forgotten.


And those of us who remember that day, the weeks and months that followed, tear up to full on cry like a baby when we see the images again, hear the voices & remember. It was the scariest & most heartbreaking day of my life. and i will NEVER FORGET the PATRIOTISM THAT FOLLOWED. The NEXT DAY, hundreds of cars on the freeway had american flags in their windows. Lee Greenwood was on the radio again, even top 40. WTH HAPPENED IN 20 short years

I remember first saying this young man when he was maybe 10 or 11 years old putting up spiritual and political content on Facebook on a weekly basis sometimes daily basis It’s been amazing to watch and grow up into the young man that he has become and it’s and incredible thing to see involved and prairie university delivering this particular message for his generation. God bless you CJ you don’t know me I have commented on many of your posts and I am so very proud of you and I know that your parents are so very proud of you!


  1. I found it odd and off putting today that the stories and features that dominated the programs this Sunday were about the death of a Queen, and about dissing the Quarterback from Seattle, who moved to Denver….Very , very little , if anything was mentioned or commemorated about 9/11… Good Job media…. They haven’t forgotten their victory against us, tho, have they? They will come again.

  2. Thank you CJ you are not only a credit to young people of color but an uplifting credit for your entire generation
    Your video brought tears to this old white mans eyes
    Thanks again and may god bless you the rest of your days

  3. my son went to war and died because of this. bush lied about the reason for starting the war. God Bless all who put their life on the line, and Thank You.

  4. It’s a crazy world. The Muslims slaughter 2977 people on 9/11. But we elect a president who is pro Muslim. We give billions of dollars to the Muslims. And Islamophobia is a crime.


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