Malleable’ Joe: Biden Makes ‘dangerous’ China Blunder


Author Douglas Murray says even Joe Biden’s victories remind you of American defeat as the US President makes a dangerous blunder over China. Mr Murray pointed to the Biden administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. “You’ll remember that President Biden said one of the reasons that it occurred was because the main objectives of America in Afghanistan had been achieved, i.e. the removal of al-Qaeda from Afghanistan,” he told Sky news host Rita Panahi. “Whatever you think about that, it is inexplicable if al-Qaeda were not in Afghanistan, that one year later, the head of al-Qaeda was in Kabul only metres away from the British and American embassies.” Mr Murray said on the issue of Taiwan the White House has vacillated over its foreign policy which has allowed Beijing to see the Biden administration as “malleable”. “We really have seen a very dangerous thing,” he said. “In Joe Biden, the Communist Party of China appears to recognise, particularly on the issue of Taiwan, that they’re dealing with essentially a malleable administration in DC.” “For the future of the 21st century that is an exceptionally dangerous position for the world to be in.”


It would be a major headline if Biden didn’t make a blunder.

I’m gonna end up with an Australian accent if I have to keep watching them in order to get the news here in the US.


  1. How did Malleable Joey (China) Biden make a Blunder. with China ? Joey has always been in the Back Pocket
    of China . Biden and XI are great friends. Joey says he has too much to do to Worry about the Red White & Blue. Joey says he has done Nothing Wrong that he can see or knows about.

  2. The biggest blunder was made when senile Joe’s parents accidentally made this pile of shit and then failed to abort stupid worthless bastard.


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