It Turns Out He Was Behind It All.. (NEW EVIDENCE)



It’s amazing to me that people haven’t figured out this criminal pattern of behavior. Thankfully, that group is getting smaller every day.

This is outrageous! The professor is right, Biden should not be able to waive Donald Trump’s executive privilege.


  1. Hidenbiden and the FBI,and DOJ are the real corrupt,bias,losers looking for a crime, to charge Trump.The lying, racist,sexperv,senile,frail,old,puppet fool,in the white house ordered the raid, and weaponized the FBI,DOJ against Trump.Now we know the FBI and big tech interfered, to rig the last election, and are scared to death of Trump winning in 2024. Biden is not the president, but a puppet, being led around by obuthead, and minions.Trump is still president.

  2. Yup! with the Bidens it is having “plausible deniability”. They were not to notify him of the exact time the raid would be executed. The corruption of the Biden family including “good old Joe” was pretty well documented before the election. It is my understanding folks who listened to MSM had no idea!?? I’m to the point I don’t know if our nation “one, indivisible with liberty and JUSTICE for all” will be intact by the end of the puppet, Biden’s, reign. For sure if the Republicans – of which I am not one – do not make a huge sweep in 22, we are in real danger.

  3. Take a look at history that’s how Germany fell and Argentina and several other countries they choked the food supply as well as fuel raise taxes to the point where everybody is dependent on the government that is communism at its worst

  4. This is why the DemoRats of the House , Senate and the White need to be VOTED OUT and pushed into the Swampland they MADE. as long as these Swamp Rats and Parasites continue to infest our Government there will
    be any Place to Call Home. As long as Joe China and his Henchmen are in Control in the House , Senate and the People’s House America will not continue to Exist. Wake Up U low Back Republicans and do what is right for America and her People.


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