Dave Rubin: The ‘woke’ monster is here


On this episode, Will sits down with host of “The Rubin Report” and the author of the newly released Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason, Dave Rubin. Will and Dave discuss why they believe personal values are more important than gender, sexual, and racial identity, as well as what moments and issues sparked Dave’s political transition to conservatism. Plus, they discuss why American culture and institutions have been encapsulated by wokeism, and how people can think independently in an ‘Age of Unreason.’ #FoxNews


As a retired nurse, I can tell you the motivating factor in any culture is inclusion. Every nurse will tell you the culture has changed 1000% in the last 40 years. Nuses are now a profession. We are no longer the handmade of God, aka the doctor. We are the eyes and ears for the doctors, advocates for the patient, and stewards of the hospital that employs us. Many are entrepreneurs in health care. Do you think for one minute that I care if the nurse or nurses I work with are red, white, asin, black, or LBGT? NO!!!! I care they know what they are doing, and willing to ask if they don’t. I care that I can trust them for honest input, teamwork, and work ethic. I care they are dependable, teachable, approachable, accepting, and unbiased. I care they have fortitude, courage, and compassion. I care they have honor and a sense of humor. I care they are safe, and sound walking into, out of, and during thier shift. I care about my friends and co-workers whether they are nurses, doctors, cletks, housekeeper, or security…. and they care about me even now that I am retired.

I’m a millennial and I also felt like racism was dying with my generation until the early ‘10s. We were literally taught how evil racism was and what it could lead to in school and it really did feel like it was a thing of the past. The left seems to want people to be racist again.


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