The TRUTH About the Memphis Shooting Suspect



Me and my fiance talk about this daily. We live in Louisville, KY and it’s horrible here also. Things will not change until the conversation is held. We have to talk about what is happening with our black youth! It’s time to stop turning a blind eye. It’s time to stop enabling. Also, about the guy saying we’re never going to end racism. When black people start to behave like we have some sense maybe more people of other races will respect us more. Look at how we’re portrayed in the media (Chicago, ATL, Memphis, etc), movies, “reality” TV. The way we burned down OUR OWN communities following George Floyd and Brianna Taylor. Smh. I apologize for the paragraph but I have so much to say. So much needs to be addressed. FATHERLESS HOMES NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED!

I did a lot of dangerous things as a teenager but the one thing that held me back when my friends were going too far was the fear of my father.


  1. When they stop HATING themselves, then they can stop hating us. We didn’t have anything to do with their birth, as they had nothing to do with ours. Until you stop self hatred and degradation, you cant move up or on. Stop calling yourselves and your own women bitches, stop glorifying gangs and murder and guns and drugs .. Do ANY of those things elevate, or progress you to a better life? NO, it just reinforces the negative that you all seem to want to perpetuate and then blame anyone but you. You create your own vicitimhood. Most of us have paid little attention until BLM , and now…. I care even less. Why do I have to care more than you do?

  2. Amen to Markey.
    Why isn’t 180 years enough to assimilate and
    Develop a sense of culture ? Take away the black
    Crime in America and the crime rate falls below
    most of the world’s countries! If any other ethnic
    Group was causing this much mayhem, there would be calls for mass deportation !

  3. Is there anyone reading this, who has this moral versus immoral situation reading this right now?
    If there is, will you please comment?
    I was raised in a community that probably had 60% with clear religious high moral standards (in the daylight, maybe not so much in the dark). Those who know what is right and what is wrong will choose their own moral or immoral standards to live by. I think that people who believe in a God have a deterrent against bad behavior. Non-believers do not have a powerful deity who will judge their thoughts and actions on “judgement day”. They generally “know” this life is all there is.
    If there is no “life” after this, there will be no judgement, no consequence, no “reward” of heaven, and no place where punishment will take place. They “know” that whatever they do is good for them, if it satisfies their desires. Nobody else can tell them what to do. I believe everything we do, think or say can and will come back to us. I wish that this mind set was more common than it seems to be. Be a good example for the coming generations.


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