Never Go to This Gas Station (Credit Card Scam Caught on Camera)


Never Go to This Gas Station (Credit Card Scam Caught on Camera), DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car scam caught on camera. Credit card scam. How to use a credit card correctly and avoid getting scammed. Stupid people falling for scams at the gas station. Car accident scams to avoid. How not to get scammed. How to find scammers. How people get scammed when driving a car. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.


Even when he’s sick! Scotty comes through for us all! Please get well soon and hope you feel better!!! Thank you as always for the amazing content

Scotty please get some rest so we can hear you yell like normal again all jokes aside get well soon brother. We appreciate all of your hard work. Take care of yourself


  1. I very very rarely use plastic to pay for gas, no matter what the cost. I’ve found that the station charges an extra 2 cents per gallon processing fee. And now it comes out someone may be reading your info from the card for sinister reasons. PAY WITH CASH! If the station doesn’t accept cash them take your business elsewhere.

  2. I only pay at the pump,…. with my plastic,…. I never go to shitty looking places and buy anything,….I have never paid two cents more for fuel,….
    in fact,…. Try to pay cash for fuel at “SAMS” the least expensive in the county,…. they do not even accept cash,….The point is stay away from trashy looking places, Clean and well attended is the Key,…. and do like the Clown in the video says ,…. touch the damned thing if it is loose, pull it off, take it inside and tell the Attendant/clerk and MAKE them call a COP, I have no problem filing a police report ( sometimes they do mention the revolver on my hip, But what the hay it is legal to carry) and if you are in a Fuel Station Station of that caliber,…. A large caliber is probably a good Idea anyway,…. and by all means stay away from the coasts, North east and west Entirely they are full of scams, trash crooks and thieves ! if they voted DemonRAT they are Criminals !


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