California Might Try It’s Worst Idea Yet to Solve a Problem It Created


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about how Gavin Newsom is continuing to lead California into an abyss as it’s electrical grid risks failure and they consider an insane solution to the Los Angeles homeless crisis by forcing L.A. hotels to house the homeless instead of dealing with the real reasons for it’s housing shortage.


The problem is that we call it “homelessness”. It makes it sound like lack of a roof is the root problem rather than just a symptom of mental illness and addiction

If you want to end homelessness in California, get rid of every single entitlement program. They have no incentive to get out of that rut because the state takes care of them.


  1. HOMELESS in a hotel??? Are they NUTS? I worked in a public hospital in Denver , co, the resort town for the homeless. Wanna know what they dragged into the hospital room WITH them? Bed bugs, lice and maggots. They spread like wildfire. We even had them in the visitors lounge in the sofas. Lice, and bedbugs….. Yes, I want to check into a room that has “other ” guests hiding in the mattress, carpet, pillows… Gavin Newsom needs to disappear and take his RIDICULOUS ideas with him. Never has anyone been so out of touch with consequences of acts. He like all the other WOKE have found yet another way to destroy the small AND the large business. The Left needs to be voted out without a doubt before they finish off what little is left of America.

  2. simple solution.for every room you have available have your employees reserve every room and then cancel who is going to enforce this stupid idea?are agents going to visit every hotel each day to find out how many rooms are available?what a joke!but i’m not worried about guests visiting there as they’re stupid for going to california to begin with!


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