Watch Kamala Harris Get Pissed as NBC Host Calmly Reads Simple Facts


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of “Meet the Press” where Chuck Todd angering Kamala Harris with some basic facts about the southern border crisis.


On a positive note, she didn’t cackle. She reminds me of when I caught my parents in a lie. To preserve their authority, they doubled down on the lie, but it only made them look worse. To preserve credibility, you have to admit an obvious truth. Kamala thinks that word salad powers will prevail over everything.

If memory serves, and it may not cause I’m getting up there in age, don’t we’re already have “a pathway to immigration” in place? Honestly that’s how this country grew to become the world leader it was.


  1. THIS is what happens when you elect someone because of gender and race. The world’s most famous token. Does she know how stupid she sounds when she speaks? Must not because she keeps running her mouth.

  2. I guess you didn’t realize that Vice Presidents are not elected. Too bad we can’t focus on the important issues facing this country, instead of mocking people we don’t agree with. Let’s talk about facts, not continually stopping to juvenile name calling.

    • Khlamydia is a worthless token, chosen by a dementia patient because of her race and gender. She called Biden a bigot and a racist but changed her tune when he asked her to be his running mate. How has her performance with the border crisis worked out? She wouldn’t even visit the border until much later. The Venezuelan President bitch slap her during an interview because she doesn’t know what she is talking about. And lastly Peter its “stooping” hon and I will make whatever comment I choose to.

    • Poor Peter! Ya gunna talk about surrendering, weapons to Hamas and Al Qaeda, fuel shortages, Hunter’s lap tops, FBI thugs, weaponized IRS punks…………………………..

  3. She had nothing else going when she was selected. She was the first Dem to fall with about 0% in the primary with a ton of contestants. She cried her lie about being “the little girl on the back of the bus”. Was she sitting next to Rosa Parks? And she blamed Biden for putting her there. And he selected her to be his running mate? No, she was selected for Biden. Probably by the guy crushing our country, “The Kenyan” who’s in his 3rd Term. November can’t come soon enough!

  4. One question needs to be asked of CAMEL TOES Harris !
    Camel Toes would U Further Be PISSED On or would U Durther Be PISS On. And her Answer would Probably be PISSED On ! HA HA HA

  5. she looks about to cry when Tuck Chod gives her FACTS, and in the next pic she looks so totally haggard, as if she has a bad hangover and someone is banging a gong


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