This was a lie by Karine Jean-Pierre


The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed the latest on the border crisis as a new Fox video shows migrants pouring into the United States. #FoxNews


People of the border states have screamed for help for years and we are tired of screaming because no one listens.

Even a blind person can see that the boarder is not secured, it’s been almost 2yrs and still blaming Trump.


  1. Instead of spending anyMore time writing I am going to keep buying more ammo and building more weapons. A civil war is brewing, the Biden administration is nothing but a joke that wants to turn this country into a socialist state.

    Lock and load people !

  2. Even if you only listen to MSNBC and/or CNN and only read the NYT and/or the WP, you should know that Trump was close to 100% successful in making the border secure. All of the people working the border or who had worked the border have told us this was true. I heard her make that statement and she should have been mortified that it came out of her mouth and hoping at that instant that she could simply disappear. None of them in administration seem to have ANY problem with looking us all in the eye on National broadcasts and saying – “the border is secure”! The more slow in the IQ department try to say that Trump left a mess!! He is the only president in decades who tried and did make a huge positive impact while he was in office . . . with no help from congress even!!!

  3. KJP, u must think were all fkg stupid, everything that comes out of your pie hole is a dam lie. The border was fine, and secure when trump left office, until hidenbiden told them to rush the border.If u can’t tell the truth, and quit gaslighting us. u need to shut up, with your bs and propaganda.


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