Why China Is Buying Large Quantities Of US Farmland


Red Apple Group chairman CEO John Catsimatidis says he thinks food prices may have peaked, but shortages could continue on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ #foxbusiness #cavuto


We need a Law stating that Anerica does not sell land to our foreigners.

To say the United States of America has sold out is an understatement at this point in time.


  1. The question should be. Why are we selling it to them? There are people in this country who would love to own a piece of America but can’t get it due to money constraints but China is using monies they accumulate by selling us inferior products. Just like everything else in our country GREED IS SELLING OUT TO COMMUNISM and our government is the biggest offenders. One of these days this Greed is gonna be the downfall of what was once a great country! President Trump recognized this and had a handle on resolving the issue but the new administration isn’t gonna follow anything that makes sense. Jealousy is an awful thing to have when the country that (elected ? You ) are suffering from your stupidity/greed.

  2. China can’t buy it if no one will sell it.
    First in all property transactions, who is the seller, their price and terms.
    We’ve only ourselves to blame if its being bought.

  3. If congress would act on serious matters such as this instead of the nonsense on which they focus, there should be a law preventing ANY foreign country from owning any land in the U.S.

  4. This is insanity, WTF is wrong with u politicians, to let our enemies buy up our farmland, get your head out of your behinds and stop this. Why not sell them our nuclear secrets also dummies.

  5. If you control the goods, you control the price, if you control the price, you control the buyers, if control the buyers, you control what can be sold and at the end you own/control the people.


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