Transgender Rejected by Every University of Alabama Sorority



“For a transgender female you have some big balls on you”

I feel horrible for all of those Sororities. Every one of those sororities had to be so uncomfortable and for the University to allow that to happen is ridiculous.


  1. Well done by the ladies of all these sororities. Hold fast to your standards. If the individual in question wishes to join a “sorority,” let him form one of for himself and others of his persuasion.

  2. Grant may not be as foolish as they think. I wouldn’t mind getting into one of those sororities with all that poontang wandering around in their little panty PJ’s. Go Grant, or Gretchen or Grace or whatever your name is.

  3. Glad the stayed a female sorority. Surgery may change a male to physically resemble a female BUT he was born male and will always be male. Physical appearance does not change everything.

  4. I am transgender with surgery in 1975. Children should not be talked into transgender issues at a young age. But a person in late high school or in college has the right to experience their own life transgender or not. I was happy to have my surgery and to live my life. CA

  5. They don’t need to have someone that identified as a female with working plumbing in a sorority or any other women’s anything. Well, perhaps a choir, debate team or drama club. (Women’s choirs may need a deep voice)

  6. Any man who is a real MAN would never compete against women. Especially as a “woman.” Speaking for myself I was never very good at any sport other than water sports. And I would most definitely not try to make myself look good by beating women at any event. A day on the range? Great! There are women who could compete with a man there at any time and really beat them. But the only transgender thing we hear about are where some damn queer thinks he can beat the girls. Personally, I feel when some guy shows up at a woman’s sporting event the girls should all go back into the locker room and let him (it) compete all by itself. The difference between me and those queer boys is that I’m a MAN. Girls are different from boys and even though I’m in my late 90s I still think that’s really great!


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