Martha’s Vineyard MELTDOWNS & Dennis Prager Goes Viral AGAIN



So if sending immigrants to Martha’s vineyard or New York or Chicago is considered inhumane but having them stay in Texas, Florida , Colorado and New Mexico is less inhumane? What does that even mean?

Martha’s Vineyard complaining about 50 people when Texas has been dealing with thousands daily


  1. Pelosi can feed them all from her $15,ooo.00 freezer. Shipped to Martha’s Vineyard on the private jet she commutes on while texting her hubby who is getting the next government handout contracty

  2. martha’s vineyard: get those filthy illegals off my lawn! put them on that military base where they are fences to keep them in place. now someone go get some transportation to get them and hell away for our homes.

    Martha’s vineyard: please understand we are a sanctuary state and we are better then you because we are a sanctuary state.

    • Sanctuary state? That makes you people in WA just as bad as the ILLEGAL ALIENS who break the law of the land by simply being here in the first place. Why don’t you send them to Seattle where they can finish the job of destroying that city that the blacks started doing?

  3. Martha’s Barnyard is full of ‘hypocrites’ for sure. They can dish it out but They can’t take it!!! BTW, how are the Obongos afforded the right to live there, they aren’t pearly white like the other owners. “Money talks and BS walks”!!!!

  4. I find it very hard to understand what the big deal is. Marths’s Vinyard, New York City. Washington D.C. and Chicago are all sanctuary cities but they don’t want to give sanctuary. It’s just like when Ted Kennedy was screaming that we all needed offshore windmills to produce electricity. Someone suggested putting windmills offshore near to Martha’s Vinyard and Kennedy went straight up saying, “Oh no, not in my back yard let someone else have to contend with them!” It’s so typican of those Fasciests posing as Democrats. They want everything but let someone else provide it.


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