Liberal Actress Says She Has Bell’s Palsy After But Would ‘Do It Again’



This poor woman. I feel for her. Not all cases of Bell’s Palsy are permanent, so I hope it gets better. If not, why in the world would she want to do it again? You can still get COVID with the vaccine. I’d rather take my chances with COVID than possibly dealing with lifetime facial paralysis. In fact…I have dealt with COVID.

I had bell’s palsy during my pregnancy. It eventually went away but I only have 90% muscle back. I’d never intentionally take the chance of getting this. Looking like a stroke victim is embarrassing.


  1. Liberal or not, I hope that she recovers completely. We have been trying to warn people about this vaccine and it’s horrible side effects and I promise you, it is only to inform people of the bad things that can happen that the CDC and our whole government is covering up. Please do not get the jab.

  2. I totally agree with you. There should be billions of dollars in pay out being shared and paid by the politicians and pharmaceutical company, paid to people who were forced to take this poison because of their jobs. It turned into nothing less than a totalitarianism takeover. Freezing people out of their homes, making it difficult to travel, hindering food and necessary items for their homes, allowing the practice of teaching socialism to our children along with the depravity of believing that something that is meant to be shared by two consenting adults and NOT UNDER THE ROOFS, and not by teaching basic techniques of daily life. i.e. reading, writing, arithmetic and respect for all. The loss of faith, belief and God is something that is important to all and this centuries leaders have lost all of that and the plot as well.

  3. I lost my job because of vaccine mandates back in September 2021, NO REGRETS. I will NOT take it no matter what. It’s all about the money. Now they want to vaccinate our kids, that’s insane. FYB is all I can say.


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