Joy Reid Says DeSantis Is RACIST for Opposing … Looting?


In the wake of Hurricane Ian, Governor DeSantis warned people against looting and reminded them Florida is a Second Amendment state. This, of course, was deemed racist by the Left. Plus, Beto O’Rourke claimed he doesn’t support defunding the police. And why is a Vermont high school banning female athletes from their own locker room?


I’m in Louisiana and we got slammed by multiple major hurricanes 2 years in a row last year and year before with barely a word from national media or even Blaze and it pisses me off to no end how media and politicians are trying to make Ian political. They don’t care about people suffering, they only care and talk about it because of political reasons. The people in Florida are suffering and Louisiana still hasn’t recovered but no worries, we will help Florida even though we are still rebuilding ourselves. We take care of each other during these times.

Looters have Kamala Harris to bail them out,. You know, like old times….


  1. You do know that there is a double standard out there. I just found out that there is a network called All Black. Is that in addition to BET?, or a new one?
    We all know that if there was a W.E.T. or All White network, there would be hell to pay.
    Joy Reid is a dolt.

  2. A person as smart as me cares less what “JOY REID” or any any Democrat left wing communist, RINO Yellow Back Republican would have to say!!! WE, 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, Red, Yellow, Black, White have had enough of these idiots are going to take them to the Train Station and turn this country “BACK” to where the train jumped the track in 2020!! THE GREATEST FREEDOM MILITIA EVER ASSEMBLED “ULTRA MAGAN” READY FOR ACTION, TALK IS OVER!!! GO TRUMP STILL MY PRESIDENT!!


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