It Turns Out He Was Behind It All.. (NEW EVIDENCE)



It’s amazing to me that people haven’t figured out this criminal pattern of behavior. Thankfully, that group is getting smaller every day.

This is outrageous! The professor is right, Biden should not be able to waive Donald Trump’s executive privilege.


  1. If hidenbiden’s lips are moving, u know he is lying,every time he opens his pie hole, he lies to us,and runs away like a little sissy. He is scared to answer questions, because he is so delusional,and out of touch with reality,and an idiot.

      • Do U really mean Queen Butthead O’Bummer ! Because HiddenBiden is Completely Brain Dead and with One of his Puppet Master’s hand Up his back pulling the Strings.

    • You know I don’t understand stupid The Republican party has gotten , like jim jordon they say how get he is when trumps own justice dept. said he is really child molester, Trump is a lying draft dodging traitor proven by his own words and actions like lets see the list is so long it’s hard to pick one thing that proves the FACTS so I’ll pick one , The election was stolen from him by fake voters, well let see , after 60 court actions not one has he ever produced anything in court to prove but he says he has it??????? the only facts that that have been found of voter fraud that has been shown by the republicans that has been found that it was the republicans that vote more that once was by Republicans and this was found in the red states by republican investigators.and let it be known not one of these people have been jailed

  2. 47 years in office and all Joe has done
    Is cause the working people pain at the pump, pain at the grocery store, broke the medical system, aloud an invasion at the southern border which is treason! Our country runs on fossil fuel and electric cars won’t fix anything!

  3. We The People ! Can U understand anything that John B.
    Is trying to say. His latest post is all Mumbo Jumbo.I don’t know where to start at End or the Beginning ? Lol ! Mr.Brown.

  4. After spending 50 + Year’s in Congress. The TEAM Doctors asked Joey if he had ever had a Brian Wave Test. Then One Doctor asked Joey if he had a BRAIN and Joey replied that he has 2 of Them. Then Joey told the Doctor that One of them was Home on the Tracks and the other One was in his Back Pocket. Uh Oh ! Good Old BRAIN DEAD Joey has done it Again.


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