Cameras Catch Trump’s Secret Meeting and Everyone Is Going Absolutely Crazy About ONE THING Missing



God bless President Trump and his family

Out in the open where no one can listen….Way to go Mr. Pres…..Plan a good one ….WE SUPPORT YOU….WE ARE MAGA


  1. If we the people don’t stand up in the millions and take our country back from these fucking traitors very soon it will be to is our right and our duty to stand together as free men and take our country back

  2. We are all at fault here not voting in all elections from local to Fed this is a long game for these traitors our education system all across the country is overrun with this trash. When was the last administration that went in and tried to clean out these publically funded universities that are letting these Marxist professors hide in the open and teaching our future to hate our country Trump started the cleaning Regan was the last one everyone in between were starting wars in other countries and building out the anti American infrastructure within all the unconstitutional Beauracracies including the biggest Ponzi scheme the Federal Reserve (Globalist Bankers) funding all this nefarious activity with fiat money as our own Government bankrupts the American people in the process,if your even upper middle class how your standard of living as a proud Vet and Patriot myself I am watching my spending because they want me broke and the rest of us.The next hammer is about to drop be prepared the best you can Covid was just a test run what is released next on the globe including the coming global war will decimate the population that was and is the plan.May Almighty God intercede and right our ship I am not afraid of what’s coming because believers believe in something more than a mortal.DUDA

    • Praise God for the believers in Jesus as our Savior and not in Joe Biden, the leader (for now) of the satanic mess that we are now in. Thank you for your comments.


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