Ben Shapiro HUMILIATES Whoopi Goldberg With An EXPLOSIVE Rant



Whoopi Goldberg humiliates herself pretty much every time she opens her mouth and says something. She doesn’t need any help. Of course this helps the View’s popularity. Listening to people like Whoopie, or Kamala is always entertaining because of the stupid things they say.

I Admire Whoopi Goldberg’s bravery . It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of millions of people everyday and show them just how stupid you really are . Clearly networks pay enough for her to be comfortable with the shame and ridicule.


  1. Her name is NOT GOLDBERG…. Its Johnson, and……… didn’t she star in “Predator”? I recognize that style. She is a beast, a humiliation to the human race, if you even consider her even a human. She needs to make as much cash as she can before she is forced out…..She is a liar, a dupe, a phony as much as any of her ethnic group. A made up culture with made up names. Now she is trying to dig her way out of the trash that fell out of her mouth. She is not a Jew, she is a sub-Saharan AFRICAN. You can tell by her features. Isn’t that what she is preaching?

    • Umm, HELLO! She is an actress. They are paid liars by profession. That is why the traveling actors in the middle ages were forced to leave towns after any show by stoning.

  2. She rants about baby’s cause no one wanted to have one with her. I mean just look at her, she’s not that attractive. The show is all she has so that where she thinks she shines. If she took a step back and took a good look at who’s on the show and how ridiculous they are. She might be able to save herself in time. But I doubt it will ever happen. She’s lost in her ugly soul.

    • Ugly IS Woopie Cushion. She is also obese and probably stinks like rotten fish.

      Now, YOU go back to your Mc Job, Karen!


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