WATCH: Rioters Tear Down George Washington Statue at L.A. City Hall

WATCH: Rioters Tear Down George Washington Statue at L.A. City Hall
Image Screenshot From CBS Los Angeles YouTube Video Below.

Six people were arrested following the incident of mob toppling down the statue of George Washington and strained it with spray painting near Los Angeles city hall earlier part of this week, according to the police report.

A small group gathered near the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration in the downtown area around 6:40 PM.

Based on the social media post, we can see the main agenda of the demonstration was to raise voice against white supremacy in the nation as the mob was recognized with the flyers showing a photo of Mount Rushmore and the “Slave Owners” written across the poster.

A large number of people were pulling the red bands that were attached around the neck portion of the statue of George Washington situated in the grand park, according to the police officers who were present at that moment.

With the strong force of the protesters, the statue broke and fell to the ground. The particular group of protesters, including the six people arrested, were celebrating the entire incident of vandalization while other people were defacing the statue with spray paint.

The video posted on Twitter clearly shows that people were pulling the red band attached around the neck of the Bronze statue forcibly. Photos also show the destroyed figure on the ground with a spray-painted anarchy sign on the platform with the words “slave owners.”

The group of people who were involved in the incident immediately took shelter in a nearby place to hid and changed their clothes to hide their identity. However, according to the news release from the police department, LAPD officers spotted and arrested them in Spring and Temple Street.

The arrested protesters are:

  • 20-year-old Elizabeth Brookey of Burbank;
  • 28-year-old Anna Asher and 30-year-old Barham Lashley, both of North Hollywood;
  • 22-year-old Andrew Johnson of Glendale; and
  • 23-year-old Emma Juncosa and 33-year-old Christopher Woodard, both of Los Angeles.

When officers searched the belongings of those who were arrested, they found gas masks, laser pointers, goggles, helmets, and arm protectors.

All the six arrested people were booked on the bell amount of $20,000, according to the record given by county inmate.

The life-sized bronze statue of George Washington, the first US President, wearing a military war uniform, is one of the 30 bonze copies of the original sculpture made by the French artist Jean-Antoine Houdon in 1796, according to the LA Department of Art and Culture. The original statue is at Virginia State Capitol in Richmond.

The statue now vandalized, was bought by the Women’s Community Service and presented to the LA county in 1933.

President Donald Trump already foresaw that a day like this would come. In 2017, when he was asked to elaborate the reason behind opposing Confederate monuments, the president said that people believing in left ideology would not stop and would soon start tearing down the statues of American Heroes, including the first president George Washington.

Numerous videos and photos of rioters pulling down statues, and overtaking the American cities by force, are bewildering. Why are gruesome acts like these still allowed? It’s all about the dirty political games. The urban liberals remain clueless about running a country and oblivious how to stop the anarchists from destroying the nation.

The truth is that numerous lawless incidents happen daily, and the weak left-wing politicians are too spineless to handle such situations.