WATCH: People Are Live-streaming Their Looting In Chicago

WATCH: People Are Live-streaming Their Looting In Chicago
Image Screenshot From ABC 7 Chicago YouTube Video Below.

A video that has been going viral on most social media platforms features a woman looting a luxury brands shop in Chicago and, at the same time, streaming the entire looting things live.

During the looting session, the woman also screamed with joy saying, “I can’t breathe,” the same line uttered by George Floyd, who was killed under the police custody and later became the slogan for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The woman in the video can be seen walking through the store to find the security tag’s remover. The woman was super excited to find brands like Valentino, Dolce, and Gabbana and was running through the store in exhilaration while stealing.

A Chicago man live-streaming himself was recently accused of trying to break into an ATM. The man named Aron Neal was charged with the felony of burglary and criminal damage to the property.

Supt. David Brown and Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan handled the burglary case and charged Aron Neal. According to the Police Department, Neal was filming and smiling at the camera before hitting the machine.

Detective Brown also thanked the Chicago community for standing up and speaking up against this heinous criminal act. Neal was arrested, and he is supposed to appear in the court.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has recently rejected the call for National Security Guard to protect Chicago from the ongoing vandalism, looting, and destruction in the name of protest. She tried safeguarding herself from the criticisms that her administration has failed to protect the city and its residents.

The city doesn’t need federal protection, and all the President wants is to have a way with the incident. According to the mayor of Chicago, the President should focus on what city needs the most-making changes to the gun law.

The funny part is that this particular statement of Mayor just came after a massive number of people have swept through the Magnificent Mile and other crucial areas of downtown Chicago. There were rampant breaking of windows, looting of stores, fighting with the police, and exchanging gunfire with the officers.

The looting started shortly after Monday midnight as people entered the shop through a broken window and looted with shopping bags full of merchandise. Cars were dropping off more people, and naturally, the number of people grew.

The city officials tried to blame the police by saying that a police officer was involved in shooting in the Eaglewood neighborhood in the city while men were chasing him. The police tried to defend himself, and the violence spree originated from that incident.

After receiving the criticism from Lightfoot and Brown, Cook County State’s attorney Kim Foxx took this matter seriously. He wanted to know what actually caused the midnight mayhem, instead of having a plain answer about the incident.

Lightfoot and Brown have decided to keep the city’s downtown area entirely restricted from 8 PM to 6 AM for as long as it requires.

Ariel Atkins, a protester, said that the demonstration’s objective was to respond to the police involved in shooting on Sunday, where a 20-year old was injured. Police said that this man fired at an officer who was present at the incident.

Atkins said that they want the police to be defunded and abolished. People are giving money to police to avoid getting beaten and feeling terrified. According to him, people don’t need police; they need care.