BLM Protesters Bring A Shotgun To Officer’s Home

BLM Protesters Bring A Shotgun To Officer’s Home
Image Screenshot From TMJ4 News Youtube Video Below.

Officer Joseph Mensah and his partner were attacked on the 8th of August, at around 8 PM. The incident was caused by 60 protesters from the Black Lives Matter community. Mensah and his girlfriend live in their house at Wauwatosa. This place is found a few minutes away from Milwaukee. The duo was assaulted and violently attacked by the protesters. The primary goal of the BLM protesters was to vandalize the entire residence, as was reported by the local leader of the BLM community. Nevertheless, there was one protester who held a shotgun, which makes the entire situation much worse than it should have been.

However, it is quite interesting to note that the actual hypocrisy doesn’t stop there.

A shift of blame

The Black Lives Matter leader claimed that the vandalizing took place in a peaceful manner. The entire incident happened only in the residence of the officer. In fact, he continued to quote that the shotgun was held by the protesters in a peaceful manner, too. It was never fired intentionally. Instead, it was shot accidentally. According to some sources, the only truth in this description was the fact that the shotgun blast missed the officer by several centimeters. It was a very close miss for Officer Mensah.

The incident

A famous leader of the BLM movement in Milwaukee is Vaun Mayes. He revealed that the protesters went into the officer’s home to put up a crime scene tape with toilet paper. However, Mensah chose to come out. It is important for the victim to stay indoors, while the protesters vandalize a place. However, Mensah didn’t abide by these rules. Instead, he decided to step out and disturb the entire process, mainly because the act of vandalizing is childish and inappropriate.

The police station incident!

Mayes was in jail before the above incident. The leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement needs to be carefully thought out. For instance, Vaun was previously involved in another incident that took place at the police station. This was when the station was attempted to be brought down using a fire bomb. Vaun is still not free from his federal charges. In fact, there are several other cases against him in federal courts. Most of these cases are linked to the previously mentioned fire bomb incident at the Milwaukee Police Station. This happened in the year 2016, and is yet to receive a verdict.

A few days after the fire bomb incident, Vaun was charged for intimidating witnesses who acknowledged his involvement in the case. Details about this incident can be extracted from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The concept of vandalism is never peaceful. Even if the purpose is vandalizing and is given the term “peaceful”, it would be inappropriate to call bringing a shotgun peaceful. There is no peace in this act! Mayes tried to carefully lower the intensity of the actual event by saying that the “gun fired accidentally”. Yet it is quite interesting to note that Mayes never described how holding a gun can be peaceful in any way. Also, he doesn’t describe why a gun was carried to the police officer’s residence to begin with. These are several unanswered questions around the whole incident.

Hypocrisy, and More!

Mayes has been given many interesting names. He is believed to be much more than a leader who played a crucial role in the protest at Officer Mensah’s residence. David Bowen, the State Representative, reveals that Mayes was one of the few members to consider carrying a shotgun as peaceful. He was also an important “passionate” person in the crowd. Bowen quoted that it was the officer who chose to pull the trigger. However, he didn’t use his own gun, and instead picked up the shotgun of the BLM member.

The above statement is yet to be backed with any evidence. The Wauwatosa Police Department doesn’t have any video recordings to ascertain on this claim. In fact, the actual video recording does not match with the claims made by Bowen.

When Mayes spoke to, he said, “Taking advantage of the moment.” The BLM leader believes that Mensah took advantage of the vandalism to grab the protester’s weapon and fire a random shot.