Truth and Adventure as an Antidote to Suffering | Douglas Murray | EP 376



In my opinion these are the two most important voices today. Extremely intelligent and well thought out. Regardless of political beliefs, they’re incredibly fair and provide listeners with information and insight that’s impossible to find. Thank you both

So very much enjoyed this interview. I really connected with the idea of exposure therapy and facing your fears. As a small child I was absolutely terrified by car washes, I thought these machines were going to break through the windows and we’d die violently. I would have a major melt down, some adults in my family thought it was hilarious to take me through them and watch me go into hysterics, laughing at my terror. But my father took me aside. Explained to me to trust him, I would be safe, he would take me through it and I would be ok. I remember him sitting me in the front seat and knowing that my father (in my childs eye) was the bravest strongest man ever and he would never lie to me, I took a deep breath and sat quietly while we drove through the car wash. I was never afraid again. After listening to this interview I see my father taught me a life skill that day. Ever after when I find fear gripping me by something, I move forward into it, facing my fear, not allowing it to control me. I am ever grateful to my father for moments like this in my life. And it’s wonderful to hear JP and DM discuss why this works. To me fear is a flag to pay attention but then not to allow it to over come you. Courage is necessary to live life fully.


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