The Lauren Boebert situation just got weird.



I’m about as socially conservative as it gets, especially for a millenial woman, and even I think this is tame compared to what we’ve witnessed the past 10 years with respect to dignity, class, morals, and street manners.
Like, am I really to believe the same people who turn a blind eye to indecency at drag shows and pride parades, who’ve sexualized children by introducing adult content and ideology to kindergartners, and who make excuses for inappropriate behaviour on behalf of the POTUS are offended by a political representative vaping and getting handsy in a dark theatre?
Not a chance. It’s just a Democrats-pounce moment. And they know it, too.
Let ’em dig their holes.

She needs to understand she is not a private citizen. She gave that up when she became a congresswoman. She represents her state and the republican party 24/7.


  1. Lauren is built like a brickhouse. But she’s now a public figure and needs to think more about her dignity in public. But then, look at the history of the dummycrats. FDR screwed around on his wife and everyone knew it. Both JFK and LBJ screwed around on their wives and everyone knew it. Bill Clinton was doing more screwing around on his wife then he was doing his job as president, but if I had a wife like Hillary I’d probably do the same thing. Obama is a fag. And stupid old senile poopypants Joe screwed around on his first wife and really didn’t care that she was killed in a car accident. That just made it easier from him to steal another man’s wife, like he stole the 2020 election. And Kamala worked her way up through the dummycrat political machine on her knees. AOC is a former bar room tramp who had to wear a paper bag over her head and wait until after mid night when the customers were drunk enough to visit her in the back room of the bar, the one with the mattress on the floor. So the dummycrats have no room to talk.


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