Did you hear the one about the leftists who murdered a ‘Republican extremist’ with his car? After Joe Biden declared war on MAGA Republicans? I’m guessing not, but you will after today’s show. Also, Rashida Tlaib wants a ban on fossil fuels and got shut down by someone who isn’t a moron. And why exactly is military recruiting down? #MAGArepublicans #RashidaTlaib #military


Dude runs over a teenager while thinking to himself “This MAGA crowd really is the most extreme and violent threat to America.” thump thump

I served as a combat arms Army officer from 2007-2016. I was assigned to scout and armor units and deployed multiple times. The changes in our military I witnessed over my career were astounding. Overtime, leadership seemed less worried about winning wars and more concerned with hurt feelings. The people who died on our deployments only seemed to matter to us and their families. In 2015, I was serving as a tank company commander and made a tough decision to drop my separation paperwork. I saw the political writing on the wall and what 20 years of service was doing to service members. We pretty much all agreed we loved the deployed military, but the back home military was a different animal. One concerned with PowerPoint slides and making woke agendas into policy. The military was going woke and the brass only cared about kissing Obama’s ass. In 2016, while I was separating, I watched as units were forced to take mandatory LGBTQ training. Soldiers would ask why it mattered what someone’s preference was at work and I didn’t have a good answer. Getting out was the hardest choice I have made to date but watching the political games the last 6 years proved I made the right choice. The actions of our government against Trump really showed me just how corrupt they could be. I even had plans to join the FBI in 2016 until I saw the Comey and Clinton scandal unfold real-time. I say all of that to say I have pride in what I did in the military and cherish the people I served with. However, I can never recommend anyone serve our country unless we get politicians back in office who truly care about American citizens and follow our constitution. Let’s all hope we can get back to the United States we all knew before 9/11/2001


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