Masks, The Jury Returns



I have been a surgeon for 45 years and knew from the start that this was foolish. I was even more impressed by the plexiglass castle walls erected in grocery stores as the cashier handled every one of my purchased items. In the future they will call this “The era of world-wide mass stupidity”.

Thank you for your honesty. As a care worker throughout the cv event, I am of the opinion that the use of masks has done no end of psychological harm to dementia patients in Care Homes. Separated from friends and family, unable to leave the premises, denied visits from the hairdresser, therapy dog, entertainers and community project workers, let alone a GP, and then given personal care not by friendly familiar faces who they recognised but by fearful staff behind masks was frankly, inhumane. “I can’t hear you” and “why don’t you take that blue thing off your face?” was (and still is) the all-too common response from frail, bewildered, frightened old people. Carers struggling to make themselves heard simply raised their voices, adding to the stress for all parties.
This is how we in Care Homes live. This is how many old people died; feeling very alone, abandoned, perplexed and imprisoned. The last thing they saw was not a smile but a blue mask.
A paper mask was never going to stop an airborne virus. All that mandatory PPE has boosted the coffers of the manufacturers (in China?), fed the FEAR machine and added to the environmental crisis. Well done for calling it out, and respect for admitting that you, along with so many others, were deceived.


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