Hilarious Video of Californians Adjusting To New Life In Texas 不不


This couple left California due to the cost of living, crime, taxes, etc. etc. etc. But now they’re not so sure they can get used to living in Texas!


If you voted for Gavin Newsom, STAY IN CALIFORNIA!!!!! Don’t turn Texas into the California dump!

This clip is funny, but the truth is, about 30% of my neighbors are now from California. When we approach them to welcome them to the neighborhood, they look at us funny, like there’s something wrong with us. What get’s me the most is the judgmental and condescending attitude. Texans are very welcoming people, but please don’t judge us and don’t try to change us. We like our liberty and freedom. Thank you!


  1. Wow, sort of like Colorado was when it was red. Now they show up in their expensive SUV’s… head to the mountains and try to pet bears, moose ,even when a sign says not to. and then the animal reacts and has to be put down due to their stupidity. They race around in the dry dead forests, thanks to the Pine beetle devastation and start a “camp fire” that burns the forest to the ground. One couple interviewed on TV even thought that the dead, red pines were a species of tree. They were aske to leave the forest during fire season. IDIOTS. Go back to the crap state you came from..morons. They don’t get that their “entertainment” disturbs and destroys the natural habitat of dozens of wild creatures. They tear around off- roading on the Tundra, destroying it. They leave behind piles of trash and complain when they find a dead animal on their “walkng path”..So, Texas, condolences.. Your state is not the only one being invaded by the woke, UNEDUCATED , entitled ass holes from the West and East Coasts. They are infecting all of us with their victim, special interest bullsht. Are the dumbest generation in history due to the decline of the “glorified “baby sitters we call teachers. They don’t educate or have expectations of excellence anymore. They just want to be “liked”


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