Disney ROASTED By Woke Left For Making Tinkerbell Black, EVERYONE Hates It, GET WOKE GO BROKE



Gotta admire Disney’s commitment to total failure.

It’s actually quite important to the story that the Lost Boys are all male. It’s the entire reason that Wendy and the other Darling kids go to off to Neverland in the first place. The Lost Boys need a mother, so Peter invites them there so that Wendy can be their mother. If there already were girls there, then they would be no reason to bring Wendy. Wendy is essentially the same age as all the others, so one of the other girls could have filled that role. This would also remove the rationale for Tinker Bell constantly trying to kill Wendy, since Tink would already be used to dealing with rivals for Peter’s affections. The book is about Wendy’s ambivalence about her adolescence: she seeks to cling to her familiar and beloved childhood, but as she grows accustomed to her sexuality and the superpower of motherhood, the childhood games grow tiresome, and she realizes retrospectively that she has already grown up despite her efforts to avoid this, that play and make-believe just can’t fulfill the way real life can. This character arc can’t work if there are other girls around, because it would diminish the specialness of her femaleness. The Lost Boys can have all their fun adventures, but they need her more than anything. I’m actually kind of surprised that the woke haven’t banned the book, as it very explicitly locates female empowerment with motherhood.

On the other hand, the books also explicitly explain that you can’t have Lost Girls because all girls are too smart to fall out of their baby carriages. (The Lost Boys are the boys who fall out of their baby carriages while their mothers are strolling them through Kensington Garden). I’d have thought that the woke would have liked to have been able to use that.


  1. Yep! NO such thing as wakanda, EVER!!! Atlantis WAS real, and it was white, BUT, it was a matriarchal society. Men, were valued as “currency” in Atlantis, utilizing free energy systems based on plasma and glass technologies(hence the white sand ALL over the world’s beaches, and that silicon was scooped OUT of the Earth side facing surface of the Moon. The “problem” was the ladies (“variforms” was the preferred pronoun-as they came in THOUSANDS of human-animal hybrids designed for ONE THING-SEX) went bat-schiitte crazy and started killing for fun on industrial scales.

    Why didn’t Disney ever make that documentary?


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