Audience Laughs After WOKE Race Hustler Can’t Define Racism Without Using The Term Racist!



I’m 45. They taught us these specific three things in elementary school
1 – “Racism” is the belief that one race is superior to another.
2 – “Discrimination” (in this context) is picking and choosing based upon race
3 – “Stereotype” is the belief that because a person is a member of a particular race or ethnicity, that they must hold characteristics associated with that group.

Now-a-days, all three of those are rolled up into just one word, “Racist!”

But the word “racist” also includes disparate impact…. so, no shit, articles like “The sun is racist!”… which doesn’t make any sense under any of the preceding three definitions. The same is true of “climate-change impact on race” … no, literally everyone lives on the same planet, so “global warming” — key word global — impacts EVERYONE.

There’s also one additional meaning of the word “racist”, and that is anything which the speaker doesn’t like. So “obesity is racism”. The two have literally nothing to do with one another, so how race got dragged into this is not understandable.

But in addition to rolling all five of those meanings:
The belief that one race is superior/inferior to another … choosing based on race … assuming that all members of a race are interchangeable with one another … disparate-impact …. and “I-don’t-like-what-you’re-saying!” … the people who cry “racism!” the most, are inevitably racist themselves, and by their own definition.

Behold: when blacks say “whites aren’t good for anything”, that’s 1-of-3…
When blacks say “no whites allowed, because this is a SAFE-SPACE,” that’s 2-of-3…
When blacks say “you can’t speak because you’re a white male, and all white males are the same.”, that’s 3-of-3.

This sub-genius, “Kendi” can’t define it because the word has morphed into such a broad-category that anything which the speaker doesn’t like is inside of it. To include dumb shit like, “2+2=4 because of racism.” <-- that's an actual assertion. Now I don't know if I'm just autistic, but words like "poisonous" vs "venomous".... or "cell" vs "battery" .... or "jealous" vs "envious" .... they've been misused so much that you have to contextually figure out what people are saying. "Racism" is just another corpse-on-the-pile of things that the "Left" and SJWs have destroyed. Person in crowd: "How would you define racism?" Ibram Kendi: "I'd define it as racist policies." Person in crowd: "Ok, but how do you define racist?" Ibram Kendi: "Someone who exhibits racism."


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