American Media Believe It Is Their ‘Right’ To Suppress ‘Biden Family Corruption’


Broadcast and social media entities effectively believe it is their right and duty to “tip the scales” of information and therefore democracy, author Douglas Murray says. American political commentator Bill Maher called out filmmaker Rob Reiner over the Hunter Biden laptop story following Sam Harris’ recent comments suggesting a conspiracy to suppress the story to influence the 2020 presidential election. Mr Reiner’s response in the exchange showed he appeared to be unaware of Sam Harris’ claim, despite its wide publication. Mr Murray said the response was typical of people in the American left getting stuck in their own “information bubble”. “What we saw just there was somebody (who) just didn’t know a very major story that had been going on,” he said. “Just didn’t know that in 2020 a massive conspiracy effectively was arranged by powerful media companies, by social media companies – and we now know with the FBI’s request, basically a massive story about Biden family corruption should be hidden from the American public ahead of the election.” Mr Murray said Bill Maher’s exchange with Rob Reiner “exposed” how some people think “it is right to effectively put your hands on the levers of information and change the scales”. “That’s effectively what we’re seeing,” he said.


Archie Bunker was 100% correct in calling this clown, Rob Reiner, a meat head.

This is the most important topic of our lifetime. Media and government colluding to control the outcome of an election has destroyed my faith in this country. Things are going to ugly from here on out as we will not stand for a repeat of 2020.


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