Watch: Biden Struggles With His Brain Short-Circuiting Again

Watch: Biden Struggles With His Brain Short-Circuiting Again
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

Will the media ever be honest about what’s actually going on with Joe Biden, the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate for the November 2020 election?

Biden was taking questions in a virtual AFL-CIO event with Rebecca Vedrine. They talked about what Biden’s administration plans to do to help give them a chance, although it’s not clear what she was actually referring to from that specific video.

When the camera focused on Biden, he just looked lost and utterly confused. The first thing Biden ordered, was for the teleprompters to be moved up to them so that he would be able to answer the questions. The teleprompter must have moved, because Biden started reading the answers directly from the teleprompter. As usual, he did not use his brain while reading. He said that there used to be a basic bargain in this country, and that the workers shared in the wealth that their work helped create.

The media should really ask Biden if he gets all these questions in advance and why he’s getting help to answer such simple questions. This clearly means that his handlers do not think that Biden is able to answer such simple questions asked in that interview. If it was Trump, the media would have stopped at nothing to shoot him with difficult and controversial questions. But because it’s Biden, the media always looks it over and pretends that everything is normal with him.

In the interview video, Biden looks completely worn out and barely able to make his brain function properly to answer the questions. He sounded breathless, just as he did when he was in Kenosha. He seemed to be breathing heavily and looked completely confused.

It was almost the same as his Pittsburgh’s speech last week where he addressed no audience, yet had difficulty reading the teleprompter. Well, Biden didn’t even realize that it was a speech in Pittsburgh, not an interview session.

There was again an awkward moment where he read the instructions given in the teleprompter and said, “End of quote,” directly from the teleprompter.

One thing is for sure — Biden is going to face some real challenges in debates if he doesn’t have the questions and answers ahead of time. It seems that his brain’s condition is deteriorating every day. It seemed even worse than just last week, not to mention the heavy breathing.

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed during a town hall in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that a black man invented the light bulb, not Thomas Edison.

Frustrated, Biden also said that teachers in history class don’t teach the real history to the students, which creates the problem.

A black man invented the light bulb, not a white man named Thomas Edison.

The fact is, that Lewis Latimer, the inventor who Joe Biden is referring to, is the man who enhanced Edison’s light bulb. He did not create the light bulb itself.

According to Biden, people should get the real facts and be taught about what’s actually there.

Now, the crucial question that appears on the foreground is — was it the fault of Biden’s knowledge of history about the invention of the light bulb, or was it just another one of Biden’s gaffes?

We have seen in multiple speeches that Biden goes through his customary mental fogs and says things that he himself has no clue about.

Does Joe Biden have any clue about what year it is? We cannot say yes after the recent incident from Biden’s basement video. During a recent virtual event from his basement, Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic President candidate Joe Biden appeared to forget what year it was, as he was discussing the 2020 census.

One thing Joe Biden needs to realize, is that these are not laughable Joe Biden gaffes anymore. Rather, these are the signs of serious cognitive issues. It is not clearly confirmed if he has Alzheimer’s disease, but he definitely has a degenerative neurological disorder in which dementia is a part.