Rasmussen Reports Noticed Something Very Fishy About Polling

Rasmussen Reports Noticed Something Very Fishy About Polling
Image From Rasmussen Reports Twitter Post Below.

Rasmussen Reports, which puts out the Presidential tracking poll in a daily manner, noticed one thing very carefully — the competitors have stopped tracking poll all of a sudden, after the two parties held their conventions. This particular silence was really not expected, according to Rasmussen.

If you see the series of tweets published by Rasmussen on Monday, you can see that they are openly snarking at its competitors for the sudden violence.

Moreover, the person posting all the tweets for Rasmussen was not shy about identifying a highly valid reason behind the sudden silence: Biden’s mouth was running fast until the Democratic Party’s convention night, but now it’s quite possible that he’s been silenced for a specific reason.

Rasmussen then retweeted a reply that they received in regard to their first post. The retweet shows how active the polling was in 2016.

The next thing Rasmussen did was post their own version of the same data.

On their next Twitter post, Rasmussen put more stress on the possibility that the pollsters keeping a post-convention silence may be worried that, with the number of Black supporters of Donald Trump rising, the Presidential poll would destroy The Narrative.

To picturize the scenario of Biden’s falling poll numbers, Rasmussen retweeted the photo of Jack Posobiec showing the number of people gathered at the venue of Biden’s Pittsburgh speech. The number of attendees was very low, and it seemed the audience was really reluctant about his whole speech.

At the latter part of the day, Rasmussen seemed to be enthusiastic to show the numbers revealing that Trump’s approval at that particular day almost matches Obama’s approval at the same time in 2012, when he was elected as the President of the United States of America for the second time, from the Democratic Party.

Rasmussen has highlighted one crucial fact — the left has weaponized polling. It uses its poll to energize Democrats and demoralize Republicans. The truth is that people like Winner and left-centric polling companies know, that if a candidate appears to be winning, he will attract a greater number of voters.

Like the dog that didn’t bark in the night, the pollsters who are remaining silent are giving a clue that no matter how much they question or weigh in their polls, the fact is Trump’s poll numbers are surging and Biden’s are submerging.

Moreover, if the momentum now shifts to Trump’s side, that creates an even worse situation compared to the past election. Most political experts suspect that if asked, Trump-supporters keep quiet because they are simply worried about their jobs, their peaceful lives, and the safety and security of their families. However, if voters feel that the tide is turning, more will speak up.

The mail-in voting system for the US Presidential election in November 2020 has recently been a hot point of debate between the Republicans and the Democrats. The democrats strongly want to execute it, using the fear of the coronavirus as a weapon, while the Republicans strongly oppose it, worrying about the potential fraudulent activities associated with the mail-in ballots, which can be used to manipulate the results.

According to the Marquette University Law School poll, 67% of Wisconsin Republicans plan to vote by mail on election day, while only 27% of the Democrats say the same.

According to Attorney General William Barr, people who are trying to change the methodology of the voting system ahead of November are playing with fire.

The recent polling study conducted by the Monmouth University revealed that 72% of the Democrats are likely to vote by mail, while just 22% of the Republicans say the same.