Dr Fauci Delivers A Big Blow To Democrats And Fake News Media

Dr Fauci Delivers A Big Blow To Democrats And Fake News Media
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Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director, surprisingly disputed the claims of journalist Bob Woodward. The journalist earlier said that the president intentionally understated the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woodward quoted the president in his statement of downplaying the pandemic to prevent panic amongst the citizens.

However, President Trump refuted Woodward’s claim, saying that he referred to his mitigations and management. He claimed, referring to how he handled the overblown pandemic.

During the press conference, the president said he wanted to comfort the Americans rather than upset them even more.

President Trump explained that the government doesn’t want to cause panic and overblow the situation.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has always sided with the Democrats and media said that the president has been truthful about the COVID-19 pandemic during his conferences and addresses to the Americans.

Dr. Fauci’s statement came as a surprise as he is widely known to be a Democrat’s ally. He said that the president would always get the facts and discuss them straightforwardly. He didn’t hear him distorting the facts and would actually relay the same matter during conferences.

According to Dr. Fauci, whatever has been briefed with the president is accurately communicated to the public. He wonders where the distortion context came from, as he has always known President Trump as a straight talker. The president listened to the experts’ advice and closely followed them together with his advisors in fighting the deadly COVID-19.

Woodward’s report was ridiculous as the director doesn’t recall inconsistencies between the president’s public announcement and what has been discussed closed doors.

The NIAID Director continued that he hasn’t checked yet Woodward’s claims as it has just been published. According to him, the discussions between him, the president, and even the discussions with the other task force members with Trump are about the pandemic’s real situation. They always base the deliberations on cold hard facts.

The team would then present the deliberation results during press conferences, which is very usual.

Dr. Fauci said that he never heard the president discuss things to the media that are out of context from their previous deliberations. The president doesn’t announce differently than during the task force group’s meetings.

“I didn’t see any differences between what the president told us and what we told him, and what he said publicly,” stated Dr. Fauci.

President Trump only wants to Make America Great Again.