Sunny Hostin MELTSDOWN Declaring Black People WON’T Vote For Joe Biden If Kamala Is Removed As VP!



I love how sunny just assumes she speaks for every black person in America. This is amazing.

The self-appointed president of all black Americans has spoken, amazin’


  1. She is an idiot. She doesn’t represent black voters or the black community. I think of either runs for anything, they will have a hard time getting black vote. They have made a mockery of the black race. They are resented for the harm they have done to race relations.

  2. Well, there ya’ go. They want to live the storybook life. Cinderella is now black, Sleeping beauty is now black, The little Mermaid is now black. Obama got voted in……. WHY? ONe reason and one reason only. NOT history, not separate , more advanced culture , not hundreds of years of fable and handed down tradition. Not because of societal advancement and progress ( Take a look at Africa). Just because they are black… Black now artificially endows one with a fabulous body ( Lizzo, ha) A magnificent brain, (Karine Jean-Pierre, ha.).and the right TO, based on COLOR only , positions of authority, even though, when in public, like Eric Adams, one can barely understand his reasoning or his language/vocabulary, or lack thereof… He sounds ghetto, uneducated, and maybe actually IS.. but we OWE them yet another freebie.. The door being open , free gratis, based on color only, not ability, intelligence, work ethic, independent critical thinking.. Just the amount of melanin in their skin and their ability to bullsht their consitituents, like Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, the snake oil salesman.. Would ANY OF YOU move TO Chicago???? The shthole needs to be burned to the ground and all those in “large gatherings” with it. They are like two year olds being handed an AK-47 and being sent to the Amusement park with NO idea of what is about to go down. We are stuck with a sub-culture, bent on sucking America dry … BASED ON WHAT?????????? Being a black, or even a “near black”

  3. What has the Demo. ever done for blacks. VP is a giggly little schoolgirl who no one can take seriously. The woman is a joke and if she were white, I’d say the same thing. Just because you are half black and whose father owned slaves doesn’t make you a good VP.

  4. Kamala ‘knees’ Harris is NOT black. She’s also NOT intelligent. She IS a product of affirmative action which is where ability goes to die and stupidity gets rewarded.


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