Gun Store Looter Released And Murders A Walgreens Clerk

A released gun store looter planned to rob a store but snapped and escalated to murder when the clerk tried to push him away.

On Sunday morning, around 9:30 AM, 18-year-old Sincere Williams entered Walgreens to commit a robbery. He grabbed the store clerk’s neck, later identified as 32-year-old Olga Calderon, from behind as she was stocking items on the shelves. Williams reportedly snapped when Calderon tried to push him, prompting to stabbed her nearly a dozen times, and hurting himself in the process.

Area Five Detective-Commander Eric Winstrom said Williams was covered with blood when he exited the store without taking anything, leaving the stabbed clerk to die on the floor.

Police officers found the murder weapon and a mask that William’s used near the store. Police investigators tracked the suspect from the crime scene to his home in 1400 block of North Sedgwick, where he was arrested around 8:00 PM on the same day.

Sincere Williams had reportedly robbed Walgreens days earlier and three stores in the Chicago Wicker Park neighborhood before committing the murder.

Investigation results show that the incident was deliberate as Williams had prepared a set of clothes nearby. He ditched his murder weapon in some bushes after changing his clothes. He suffered cuts during the killing and went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment before his arrest.

Local CBS News later found out that Williams has severe records in law enforcement. He stole 14 handguns in a gun store, Suburban Sporting Guns & Ammo, in March. The owner of the said gun shop was furious that Williams was released immediately and claims that Calderon would have still been alive today had he stayed long behind bars.

The owner added that his gun store was looted in May, and Williams tried to steal 14 of his handguns. Sincere Williams was charged with burglary at the time of the incident.

To think that Williams stole handguns and not hunting guns is disturbing. He had most likely a vicious idea in mind.

The gun store owner further said that he was kind of enraged that the then minor, Williams, wasn’t taken seriously at the time of the incident. He insisted that just because Williams was caught stealing didn’t mean his crime’s severity has lessened.

After being charged for burglary, Williams was required to wear an electronic monitoring device on his ankle. However, the monitoring device was removed last month, and he was scheduled to appear to court in October. Reasons for his early release are yet to be known, which has become controversial since the vast majority of shootings in the city are from unregistered weapons.

The criminal justice system seems too lax in some cases, even with compelling video evidence. Despite the footage showing Williams smashing the glass display to steal handguns, he was still released almost immediately.

With the stricter and stringent penalty, Calderon might have still been alive today.