Zuckerberg Reveals what it Takes to Get Trump Back on Facebook

Zuckerberg Reveals what it Takes to Get Trump Back on Facebook

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– Chris Donaldson from Trending Politics reports, If there is any hope that former President Donald J. Trump is going to get his social media accounts, it now rests with Facebook’s “Supreme Court.”

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Don’t do it mr president…. open your own social media platform… conservatives all over the world would get on board.

Trump dont want to be on that platform anymore and none of the rest of us do either 😕 Can’t wait for him to have his own !

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Facist smuck. I don’t care what he thinks he has behind him, the American people are tired of these smug children telling adults what to do.


Millions of Patriot Americans are waiting for the Trump platform to quit Facebook and Twitter. They are eager to find a new way to communicate freely for more transparency with Law and Order making their voice heard by the Supreme Court. They are tired of the politics putting the hoax Biden/Kamala as the leader of the free world when they are mentally impaired. Americans need the truth with new strict rules to eliminate frauds in the electorate system. They need a strong leader like Donald Trump.

Craig Murphy

Maybe Zuckface can reveal what it will take to get ME back on Twitface.

Michael wisley

Fascist Zuckerberg is going to have to suck my dog off if he wants me back on Facebook