YouTube Caught Deleting ‘Dislikes’ to Help Biden

YouTube Caught Deleting 'Dislikes' to Help Biden
Image credit to Pixabay. Image modified from original.

In a poor attempt to boost Biden, YouTube steps in big-time to save the incumbent president from the public’s mockery.

 The White House YouTube account shared footage of the new White House Press Secretary’s press conference on Wednesday. Yet, only 6 hours after being posted, the video completely blew up in the new administration’s faces for getting 10,000 dislikes. 

However, the Big Tech suddenly decided to save Sleepy Joe’s administration from total mockery and even went as far as deleting the dislikes. Pathetic, isn’t it? Ten hours after, only 3,000 dislikes were seen.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki took a shot at Kayleigh McEnany within seconds of the takeover. Even without mentioning McEnany’s, Psaki’s “shady” comments were obvious. 

“Thank you for joining us on this historic day. It’s an honor to be here with all of you,” Psaki began, adding, “When the president asked me to serve in this role, we talked about the importance of bringing truth and transparency back to the briefing room.”

It almost sounded like a CNN script, as if McEnany lied and was not transparent.

The liberal media continues to this day, accusing the former Press Secretary of “lying” to them when it was the other way.

They always took Trump’s quote out of context and conjured blatant falsehood. Ironically, Psaki’s OPENLY LIED during her first press briefing. 

She called President Trump’s travel ban a “Muslim ban” when it isn’t.

Joel Pollack wrote on Twitter, “The love affair between the Biden team and the liberal media has just begun. Buckle up because it’s going to be absolutely insufferable.”

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She’s a lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier. Bahahahaha. You know the thing!!!


Psaki, couldn’t tell the truth if it smacked right in her face! You would think
as much money as the dems have ,they could afford someone a little bit


If she was any smarter. she would be smarter than the entire Democrat side of Congress (which ain’t sayin’ much).


They could delete a BILLION unlikes or whatever you want to call the thumbs down to Pedo Joe and it still would not make him liked or President. Then there is the FACT that what actual votes Pedo Joe got we’re only because he had the Ho as running mate.