You Won’t Believe What Word is Now Considered ‘Hate Speech’…

You Won't Believe What Word is Now Considered 'Hate Speech'...
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The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, The flag is racist, The National Anthem is offensive, and now the word “patriot” is a code word used by hate groups. According to an CBSN guest, Loving America is Hate Speech.

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We cant have a legitimate election when people counting votes hate the country.

Too damn bad about them. Americans are patriots if they want our country to remain free.

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More than likely these individuals that dream up these idiotic ideas were the dweebs of their schools and are trying to justify their own failures as a moron.

Michael Skok

Many, if not most, of our college and university professors teach our students that we are citizens of the world and not loyal to the USA. Former pres. Bill Clinton said the same thing. Those people should not be running our higher educational institutions or our country. But they are.