You can Tell Jill Biden Got It Right

You can Tell Jill Biden Got It Right
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The News Junkie’s Archives – You can tell Jill got it right.

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Let’s Go Brandon, a priceless saying that will live on for generations. Biden saying it himself is the icing on the cake.

Jill’s response and look on her face was the cherry on top. She was fuming. And we love it.


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NO COMMENTS? What the heck, folks? Where’s the JOY? The first time I saw this video, I sent it to every person I know, commenting not only on Senile Old Joe’s happily oblivious repetition of the “Brandon” chant but, particularly, on Dr.Jill’s reaction. You could tell she immediately realized what was happening but didn’t have time to prevent our walking dead Prez from embarrassing himself (you know, by kicking him in the shins or squeezing his gonads really hard) so she tried to play it like it didn’t matter and then the anger just started consuming her. By the end of it, you could have boiled an egg on her head she was so steamed. It could hardly happen to nicer people.

BUT, while we are at it, let’s spare a moment to thank NBC Sports Reporter, Kelly Stavast, for her priceless contribution to the nation’s political discourse. Yes, it was Ms. Stavast who, against a clearly comprehensible background chant of “F**k Joe Biden”, tried to cover for the President’s unpopularity by disingenuously recasting it as “let’s go, Brandon”. This was NOT a misapprehension on her part, this was a deliberate attempt by NBC to clean up their man’s image. It likely never occurred to them (whether this was Ms. Stavast’s idea or fed to her over her earphones by her on air director) that this cheesy effort to alter the narrative would end up giving the enemy a rallying cry which was far more powerful than the original “FJB”. Why it can be chanted by school children or even in church, unlike the original version and yet is instantly understood for what it really means. Brilliant. And gratifying.