WOW: Look Who This Liberal Professor Wants to Convict Next…

Look Who This Liberal Professor Wants to Convict Next...

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– Katie Pavlich from Townhall reports, After a jury delivered three guilty verdicts for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin for the second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter of George Floyd Tuesday afternoon, the race-obsessed left isn’t satisfied.

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Hey Professor. The city I live in has had 7 homicides in the last 48 hours. All in the hood Professer. What are you going to do about it? I’ll wait.

Everyone with a brain can see this is their attempt to gain power and control. They’re using their own people as pawns in their game o’ chess. Good reporting as always NNN!

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Paul Lamothe

another example of a race-baiting POS.

Bob M

Yes: The problem IS structural. We have lost the concept of personal responsibility; the respect for authority. Let us NOT lose sight of the fact that these folks – in many cases – were breaking the law. Cops did not roll up on them for no reason; nor did the cops shoot for no reason.
In almost every case I’ve seen, the “victim” was non-cooperative and combative – and, in the case of George Floyd, so was the crowd – even after Floyd was subdued the crowd remained a viable threat to the officers.

I’m a white guy. I’ve gotten stopped PLENTY of time – as recently as 2 weeks ago. My interaction was “Yes, Sir”, “No, Sir” and “How do you want me to proceed, Officer?” At all times my hands were in view of the officer.

I don’t give him, or them crap. My first BEST chance to avoid trouble is by NOT pissing off the cop(s). But I also know my second shot is with the prosecutor and my third is with the Judge. And each time my best chances lie with deference and respect; not attitude.

And, yeah, by the way, I am a racist – and have told that to several very nice people of color throughout the South – and when I admit it, and how I am racist, they join me!

You see, I am racist against assholes.

I am ashamed on Professor Kendi: as Boston University should be as well. He is not only a black on white racist, he’s also an asshole. A soft spoken asshole. An asshole who apperas to speak from authority and “knowledge,”

But he’s just a race-bating racist.

Ergo, an asshole.

Donald H Beck

These people have taken race relations back a hundred years.

Kenneth Bottomley

They started just wanting to be treated fairly/equal now their after all are Waman and to dominates the country, they disrespect call us white boys and accuse us of what they do, attack us then call us races THEY ARE THE RACES, we must stop turning the other cheek, you see where that has got us just like the republican with the democrats it’s all out of control, it’s all got to stop.

Kenneth Bottomley

Just another black waring out the race card to gain ground over the white people, remove all white history, take more ground in high places using the card and shade of their skin in a attempt to take over the country NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Stacy Dougherty

Why isn’t it going to happen because its being racist! America is not systemically racist the Democrat history is systemic racist!

Bart Ohama

The ‘professor’ likely benefited from Affirmative Action/Diversity agenda of his university. Another good example of a corrupt university system, U of Delaware awarded Jill Biden a doctorate which based on her dissertation she did not deserve. Based on this there is no guarantee the ‘professor’ is knowledgeable in anything. If he follows BLM then he must be a dumbass that is following a dumbass movement. BLM ‘martyrs’ are victims of their own stupidity.


None of these violent criminals who died by the hands of police, doing their job, were a threat to society. Not in the eyes of any black individual. Their belief is NEVER punish any black for their crimes as that is racist.

That rotten George Floyd, along with 4 other black criminal thugs, broke into a young white pregnant ladies house, robbed, tortured her & Floyd even stuck a gun in her stomach (8 mths. pregnant) & threatened to kill her & her unborn baby. He ask her if she wanted him to kill her baby. Of course, there was no threat or any violence. It was a peaceful break in, robbery, torture & threats to kill. The criminals family got $27,000,00 & the young, innocent, pregnant white lady got nothing & there is no memory of her (the victim) at all. She & her baby will suffer the rest of their lives from his peaceful, non-violent behavior & had he lived, he, along with drug dealer Breonna would have never been any threat to society. Both were killed because of their extremely long list of crimes. Trending in America now is, defend the black criminals & lock up the good folks. Disgusting isn’t even a term to begin to describe what the blacks want in America — don’t punish us for our crimes.