WOW: Leftist Radicals Target Melania’s Rose Garden?

Leftist Radicals Target Melania's Rose Garden?

The Next News Network
– Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit reports, The far-left communists want to remove everything in US history but first and foremost anything President Trump did for the country. This means everything.

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Melanie Trump was the most glamorous woman to ever be first.

Jill can’t compete with her fishnet against our classic beautiful First Lady..class can’t be bought ..

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liberal bastards

charles wilkins

National epidemic of corrupt democrats are here, it’s like they all trying to grab what they can, before the shit hits the fan. They know Biden can’t stand up much longer. those behind the drapes, don’t want to be left holding the bag for his corruption. Even Biden’s DOJ knows their decisions are going to be held for review and accountability. The rats will be leaving that ship which sailed to go nowhere and do nothing. Trying to kill Trump’s accomplishments is not a plan. Everything Biden touches turns into the daily mishap, lawsuits are stacking up. public opinion is turning, waste full spending is mounting, prices are on the rise for food and gas and energy, unemployment has not improved, taxes are rising, Biden can’t manage oursouthern border, let alone the entire country. Said it before and will say it again, the Democrats can’t govern, tax and spend, spend and tax. 


It just shows how mentally sick these liberals are. And more reasons why they must be stopped at all cost. Wait till the 2022 election ? Are we as crazy as they are! they will destroy the Republic and have as many Republicans in the grave as possible before 2022. Look at how much damage this mad monster in the white house has done already and he is so demented he doesn’t know what he is doing.. They are frothing at the mouth to finish the job. We need some Republican leaders to lead the charge. I have looked and looked, I don’t see any. There are only three Republicans in the house that have the guts and passion to stand up for our side and they are women.


I’ve never
seen so many hateful people in my life! Try as you might, but we all know all the good Trump did for our country. We won’t forget


Am I surprised that these total heartless idiots with a puppet President change all they can of TRUMP. NO! We are slowly heading down the tubes. Gas up and rising more, food prices no chicken , teachers not teaching per union control, our kids suffer do they care who these people are nasty and trying to control their socialist to communist agenda. WHY? Wake up voters have many Democrat friends who now are not happy with their vote for Biden one in N Mexico who are going to suffer financially many INDIANS per this Chinese Virus that Spain also calls it lk up I did. and not the Keystone shut down WHY? I cannot lk when this Puppet Pres speaks like looking at the dead and they drag him out of his casket to speak. Pray.

Stacy Dougherty

The Radical left democrats have no eye for natural beauty. They only look through the eye lens of hate! Sad hopeless people. I always said: Misery loves company and I say “no Thanks” but I will be praying the Radical low life’s can lift their vision higher than the curb. Do ya know how hard it is to keep a rose garden!