WOW: Kim Jong-Un Responds To Biden’s Big Blunder…

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, North Korea on Sunday said that Joe Biden made a “big blunder” after he insulted Pyongyang’s nuclear program during his joint address to Congress and threatened “corresponding actions.”

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Joe Biden is the person they tried to make Trump out to be and they are trying to make him look like the man Trump really was. Everything is so backwards and upside down

Americans don’t realize when they voted for Biden they were voting for their own demise.


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Kim Jong-Un sees the Fraudulent folly of this UNpresident Biden.

I never thought I’d agree with a dictator. But hey…If your right your right!

We the American people need to undo this Treason that took place in this election.


Kim is still a pariah despite Trump elevating him to the world stage without merit. We have gotten absolutely nothing from Kim (via Trump meetings) to abate nuclear holocaust from North Korea. Rest assured that Biden will keep this unstable childlike dictator in check without jeopardizing hostage South Korea. Kim values his isolated, princely, all-powerful life which would be lost in any first strike toward any country. I don’t pity this authoritarian just because he met with Trump but he’s on notice to behave.

Michael G Warren

It is impossible to “rest assured” with Biden as our impostor POTUS. TRUMP was the right man to deal with Rocket boy Kim.


Do you actually believe the MSM drivel that you parrot? Biden can’t tie his own shoes and is a marionette. Any guess as to who’s manipulating the strings?

Stacy Dougherty



Obama, Rice.

Stacy Dougherty

Hello Kim had merit.. He was a nuclear rocket man! Trump calmed his temper and got Kim Jong un to stop shooting them even if it was just for jolly sport! UN-predictable dude.

Michael Skok

I didn’t vote for that fraud. A lot of dead people and a bunch of computers voted for Biden.

Bob Mac

Nobody voted “for” Biden they just voted against Trump.Be careful what you wish for!