WOW: Ghislaine Maxwell’s First Prison Image Raises Big Questions…


Ghislaine Maxwell stands accused of helping deceased multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein traffic and grooming young girls to be sexually abused. She is now standing trial in New York City for the said accusations.

Maxwell’s lawyers had repeatedly requested bail, arguing that she was facing sleep deprivation because of the wellness checks that the corrections officers did every 15 minutes to make sure that Maxwell was “still breathing.”

However, the judges rejected all bail requests. On Thursday afternoon, Maxwell’s attorney Bobby Sternheim told the court that Maxwell had noticed a black eye the previous night. 

Metropolitan Detention Center officers confronted her and demanded to know how she got it, but Maxwell claimed that she did not know what caused the black eye.

Sternheim stated in the court filing that Maxwell “has grown increasingly reluctant to report information to the guards for fear of retaliation, discipline, and punitive chores.”

Maxwell’s lawyer then asked the court to have the wellness checks stopped, speculating that the bruise may be related to the wellness checks. According to Sternheim, “Maxwell’s eyes should be shielded” from the flashlight used during the wellness checks.

Sternheim added that Maxwell is classified as “an inmate with no significant mental health care.” Maxwell has been in federal custody since last year as she faces additional charges of lying under oath.

Of course, she has pleaded not guilty to the charges. As such, the court has scheduled her trial to start in July.

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“Cruel and Unusual Punishment”


She should be happy she is allowed to keep her clothes on and not have to “perform” for strangers during these wellness checks.


Se is not in a high class resort. She is in prison.


We the people are suppose to feel sorry for her! This woman is a piece of trash for all the lives she has destroyed.


The US Supreme Court has held that delay of trial more than a year post-arrest or arraignment is presumptively prejudicial and violates the Constitution’s “speedy trial” guarantee. SO, WHY IS SHE STILL IN JAIL AND HAS NOT BEEN TRIED? There are multiple legitimate reasons for delay of trial, but given what has gone down in this case – missing and destroyed evidence, Epstein’s “suicide”, etc., one suspects that there are plans afoot and a little “private time” required to implement them. What is going to happen to prevent Maxwell’s ever testifying because keeping her quiet is in a lot of powerful peoples’ interests? Is that black eye the consequence of someone slipping her massive doses of Coumadin or some other blood thinner, which will lead to her “unfortunate demise”? Is she getting beaten to “persuade” her to “shape” her testimony? We may not know what dirty dealings are going on but only a fool would not suspect dirty dealings. Time to drag her into the light of day, even if only to try her on some peripheral issue, but put her where she can be seen by the people.


Until they know she will not say anything to harm Slick Willie she’s not going to any court. They will make up rules if they have to.

Stacy Dougherty

The battle is to keep her alive before trial!!


As long as the Clinton’s, the Biden’s, the Obama’s, the entire communist demonRATs mafia are allowed to run the show, they will ALWAYS “run the show”.

Rick Love

The Democrat’s don’t ever want to see her go to trial because if she does, the Clintons are screwed. The removal of the 15 minute check ups will give more opportunity for one of Hillary’s accidents.