WOW: Biden’s Latest Gaffe About the IRS…


President Joe Biden is once again at it with his gaffes.

On Monday, Biden traveled to Virginia, where he and the First Lady visited schools as a part of the “Getting America Back on Track“ tour.

At the Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Biden gave a speech to promote his $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

“The reason I’m bothered to do this is I keep hearing out of the press, ‘Biden, you’re going to raise taxes,’” Biden said. “Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes.”

“And we will not increase the deficit either, unlike the last gigantic tax cut, which increased the deficit by $2 trillion.

It’s about balancing the system,” he added. Of course, this comes after Biden just promised to increase the IRS budget by $80 billion.

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charles wilkins

Stick to your American ideals: The Biden’s have been caught again in bed with the China Spy Rings,” Hunter” is now suppose to under investigation for working with Chinese spy rings. It’s apparent socialist Biden’s policies are not working, our country is in turmoil, beginning downslides of financial declines, in energy, employment, with total economic failures. Tax and spend, spend and tax is not a forward moving policy, it just points puts us in a quick trend towards total bankruptcy. Time for positive change, with leadership that can solve problems, not add to the false promise of equal government controlled solvency. The Biden’s have sold their American values for profit, power, and are now trying to hold that position of socialist, communist values at all cost. They are violating our Constitution, our principal, and most of all our American values. The Biden dictatorship is done, all are seeing the truth of his lies now, the worm is turning and America will return to it’s glory.


an AMEN to your post sir. You hit it out of the park.

Patricia Couey

This Bozo wouldn’t know if there was a trillion dollar giveaway because his handlers didn’t tell him. The best thing obama and Pelosi can do is put the pillow over the old fraud. Then we could get to know the laughing hyena Obama chose for us,to take Bozo’s place and we can all see the final fix put into the great end plan. Turn our beloved country into a socialist global nonentity with the U.N. Running it with King Obama at the Helm and and Crazy Nancy as vice queen.