Woman who defaced BLM mural speaks out

Woman who defaced BLM mural speaks out
Image credit to cityxcape. Image modified from original.

She did it once — and again another time — but she didn’t stop there! Bevelyn Beatty, aged 29, went a step further and chose to dump paint in front of the Trump Tower. This was how she decided to portray her anger, as well as her response to the black movement currently happening in the United States of America. The paint was dumped in multiple locations, right from Harlem to Brooklyn. Videos of Beatty dumping paint were taken and posted on social media networking sites like Facebook. The most recent video features Beatty smearing paint at Midtown Skyscraper. In this post, she proudly claims that the “act” was executed throughout the night. The experience was considered to be highly epic.

The start!

Right from the beginning, Beatty was spoken off in the internet for her boldness and for taking drastic steps. The first video surfaced on the internet on Saturday, around 3 PM. It was captured from the bustling streets of Manhattan. She drove to the spot in a van with more than a dozen paint cans. Beatty was accompanied by two strong women. Indeed, the video shows a cop, who dared not intervene with the ladies. This is how it all began.

Within a short span of time, the ladies were questioned by another unidentified cop. He asked, “What are you ladies doing with this amount of paint?” Beatty’s only reply was, “Decorating.” Well, this kind of response is bound to puzzle anyone out there. However, in current circumstances, every move is easier to predict, and the potential notion can be decoded. Furthermore, the paint was “pitch black”, and it left the cop with no doubt about what the young ladies were planning to do.

Beatty and the two ladies walked past the cop. They walked across the Fifth Avenue, and headed towards the mural. This is where the paint was dumped on the bright “BLM” letters.

As she screamed, “Black Lives Matter!” she was arrested and charged by the cops. Nevertheless, she was released within the next few hours.

Did the arrest do anything to Beatty and her buddies? Did it stop them from continuing their move? Well, the answer would be a big “No.” Within the next few hours, Staten Island’s Beatty was back to work.

The second time!

The second time Beatty chose to hit the streets, it was “Harlem Drive by Painting”. This was the title of the video she posted on her social media wall, especially Facebook. The same van and this time, four black ladies, rolled into the murals at West 125th Street and 7th Avenue. This time, there were no cops to stop these ladies from their act.

The Third Act!

The third time’s the charm — Beatty and her gang were arrested one more time. Their third area of focus was Fulton Street, which is located at the heart of Brooklyn. This time, the color they choose was blue. Most of the people who approached Beatty and her ladies during the third act were angry. They took videos showing the entire act, and kept confronting them about defacing the whole mural. All four of them were arrested on Friday, by 4:15 in the afternoon.

The most recent one!

For the fourth time, the “Black Lives Matter” murals printed on premium locations have been vandalized. Beatty and her troop are not prepared to settle. It is quite evident that there could be a fifth time too. The mere fact that Beatty is willing to speak up makes it a lot more daring and inspiring. Why is Beatty doing this? Well, she belongs to the community that is working hard to put forward a “discreet” statement.

What could happen next?

Much of the “Black Lives Matter” paintings are believed to be namesake advertisements of President Donald Trump. Beatty believes that there is no meaning in having these words painted on various streets, in and around New York. What she calls for is “true” justice and freedom. In the process, she has chosen to repaint all the murals, and make a strong statement. The movement made by Beatty is gaining recognition and views around the world. After all, this is another “important” and “inspiring” cry for reforms and justice that can actually make an impact.