Woman tries to cancel pizza joint for flying Trump flag

Woman tries to cancel pizza joint for flying Trump flag
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Have you ever been canceled on Facebook? If yes, you are certainly not alone. Some of the town’s best social media channels have definitely turned heads in the past few days. You’d know the secret behind these words if you visited Patio Pizza in recent times.

The background

Patio Pizza is a reputed restaurant located in St. James, New York. It was always known for serving delicious pizza varieties. Yet a few days ago, its prime area of focus changed. People started talking about Patio Pizza for a different reason. All of this happened due to a series of events that took place on the 24th of July in Patio Pizza. If you had visited the place to dine there or to take home a delicious box of pizza — you would have witnessed all the action live. At least, this is what any Long Islander at Patio Pizza would have seen on the “intense” Friday night.

So how can good pizza spoil your Friday night? Can it even ruin a good evening? No, it was not the tasty pizza that did any harm. It was also not a person who refused to wear a mask who did any harm, nor was it someone discussing about Billy Joel, who is currently overrated for a number of reasons.

This time, the focus was on something simpler and more commonly seen. It was a flag that triggered a range of reactions. But don’t mistake it for the thin blue-lined flag, instead, it was the Trump flag.

Many would consider the incident as a prank, which turned very bad. However, it did happen! The event is more or less equivalent to some throwing the flag down. Of course, it almost appeared like that. If you ask an employee from Patio Pizza, they will tell you that something was going on. Whatever happened, it focused on the flag, which was a prized possession of the owner.

The Incident

The pizza shop owner declared that he was officially canceled because he chose to fly the Trump flag behind his store. During an interview, the sad owner revealed to Stuart Varney, the host of Varney & Co., that the incident happened when a woman visited his store on Friday night. The owner, Caligiuri, was an ardent follower of President Donald Trump. He had a flag to demonstrate his love for the leader. The woman entered into his store and saw the flag flying high. This offended the customer. Soon after, the woman questioned the employees about who owned the flag. One of the employees declared the flag to be his. Once again, the woman was triggered, and chose to leave the restaurant.

Within a short span of time, the customer was identified to be the administrator of a Facebook channel, which is more known as a Facebook page. She posted details about driving to Patio Pizza and seeing the Trump flag. Her post was very much against the owner of the business. Her only intention was to bring him down, and to ensure that Patio Pizza was out of the market.

The owner of Patio Pizza said that he has been in this industry for nearly 4 decades. He added that he has seen many ups and downs throughout that time. As a result, he simple chose to ignore the lady and her comments.

But it wasn’t very long before the social media news caught his attention.

The owner of the restaurant received phone calls and news that the lady who posted bad things about Patio Pizza on Facebook, had called the community and is requesting them to boycott Patio Pizza. The phone call took Caligiuri aback.

He was surprised with what happened the following morning. Many New Yorkers from different parts of the city visited Patio Pizza and voiced their support for the current president. They yelled, “We support our President!” They also said that their support was for the flag that hung at Patio Pizza.

However, Caligiuri didn’t think twice to stress on the fact that the American Flag also hangs proudly at the front entrance of Patio Pizza.