Woman Gives Simple Solution to Ending COVID Tyranny

Woman Gives Simple Solution to Ending COVID Tyranny
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Charlie Kirk – Woman Gives Simple Solution to Ending COVID Tyranny – May Surprise You

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Letting in millions of infected illegals thru our southern border while telling Cubans fleeing communism that they are not worthy of coming here should be a big CLUE!

Let’s go America. Time to stand up. Say “NO”. She is correct – now is the time! Will never take their poison jab.

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No jab,pure poison.

remy mak

Here’s a sure way to everyone vaccinated:
Make it a requirement if you want to buy liquor.


The woman sure knows what she
is talking about, I will never get the
vax, I think Joe needs to go live
with all the illegals that he has let
into the U.S.A.


I’m not an MD, but I do have loads of experience in these kinds of medical matters and, at the risk of seeming self-congratulatory, I will say I’ve been ahead of this game pretty much from the get-go, from pegging it as a manufactured/altered organism back in March of 2020 to predicting exactly the kinds of variant forms we are now seeing. IF you know anything about epidemiology/virology, then you know that all viruses (indeed, almost all pathogens) have the same “goal” – they do NOT get any benefit from killing their hosts, so they tend to evolve toward a less virulent form (which, btw, is what virtually every physician and researcher says is the case with this Delta variant – it is, in one such researcher’s words, “much attenuated” and far less deadly than preceding variants (alas, you won’t see the MSM highlighting that, since it interferes with the desired narrative…). It also just wants to get out there and meet more and more new and interesting people and so will evolve into ever more infectious forms (which is exactly what’s going on with the Delta and Lambda variants). The more you try to interfere with the virus, the more likely it is that you will actually provoke and hasten the mutational and evolutionary change to a more infectious version. Put simply, we created these new variants with our masks and lockdowns and if we continue that approach, we will continue that process. As the man said, in Jurassic Park, “life will find a way” and it has and is. Now, I’m a geezer and therefore in the “death zone” for this disease, but, tho’ it may redound to my disadvantage, I’m 100% in agreement with this lady – stop this insanity. Our containment efforts are precisely the wrong way to go and we are and will continue to pay for what is a medically inappropriate response driven by pure power politics and monetary concerns.


how about ‘jabbing them at the border’ to keep COVID out….& locking down the border instead of us.