WISCONSIN: Wear A Mask Even On A Zoom Call

WISCONSIN: Wear A Mask Even On A Zoom Call
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It’s a strange world we live in. What else could be stranger than the mandate for employees to wear face masks during a video conference, even if they are alone at home? Preston Cole, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, set the regulation for employees to adhere to the Governor’s face mask order — which requires anyone above the age of four to wear a face mask or a covering even inside their home. The email came from the secretary on June 31st, stating that the mandate would take effect starting August 1, according to the Milwaukee journal, Sentinel’s report.

As a DNR staff, everyone must wear a face mask even if they are at home attending a video call or virtual meeting on platforms like Zoom or any other video conferencing platform. The idea is to be seen by non-DNR staff doing so. They are trying to set an example which shows that DNR public service employees are really serious about the safety and health of others, according to the news journal Sentinel.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers ordered that the people of Wisconsin need to cover up their face even when they are indoors, or in an enclosed space with anyone who is not a house member. Maintaining physical distancing is not always possible, so wearing a face mask is strongly recommended for the people outdoors, according to the press release published by the Governor’s office.

Activities like swimming, drinking, and eating are the exceptions to the rule. People with health conditions that do not allow the wearing of face masks or covering their face do not need to follow this rule.

According to the governor, people need to be united and work together to stop the spread of the coronavirus nationwide. The most crucial thing that one can do is set an example by following the rules like wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, and taking other safety measures.

According to Nasia Safdar, an infection control expert in the University of Wisconsin, it’s not always necessary to wear masks at home, but there are certain situations when people should do so. This might be applicable when another member of the family is positive for COVID-19, but otherwise, wearing a mask indoors is not necessary at all.

Nasia also said that he believes in supporting things that actually do help instead of putting on an image of helping.

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers signed the emergency order to wear masks indoors on July 30.

 One could end up paying a fine of $200 by not following the rule.

Wisconsin has seen 62,263 cases of COVID-19 and 1,011 deaths so far, according to the official data published by the Department of Health.

Health officers say that they have already done more than a million tests in Wisconsin from the beginning of the pandemic.

The state’s average number of new daily cases is 760, with the number spiking up to almost 1000 new cases on some days.

Recently, the state reached the number of 1165 new coronavirus cases.

According to the Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau, he and his caucus are ready to overturn the mandate, but the Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Rochester has not said anything about what he wants to do with it.

According to GOP Representative Adam Neylon of Pewaukee, the Republicans do not have enough votes to repeal the mask wearing mandate for the people of Wisconsin. According to Nasia Safdar, the politicization of mask wearing is really a frustrating thing. She strongly condemned the idea of repealing the mask-wearing order, because there’s no risk in wearing masks, although she admitted that it is not necessary to wear a mask indoors.