Will James Corden Replace Ellen Degeneres?

Will James Corden Replace Ellen Degeneres?
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The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of the most-talked about television shows in the world. Anyone interested in the entertainment industry would admire the uniqueness and exciting nature of the said show. Every episode compels a different kind of experience. However, news about the replacement of the show, and a potential host has surfaced lately if it happens. 

A few days ago, a British Newspaper revealed that James Corden is in line for the Ellen DeGeneres Show! It was reported that Corden has been misbehaving quite lately. Even Twitters reveal that “The Late Late Show” host has not been in his best behavior. 

On the other hand, it has not been a paradise for Ellen DeGeneres too! Reports reveal that DeGeneres has turned to become rude and unkind to her staff. Members who have worked for decades with DeGeneres are seeing a noticeable change in her behavior.

Warner Media, the official parent company that hosts the Ellen DeGeneres Show, has called for investigations. These investigations are ought to learn more about the environment and work culture maintained by the host and staff during the shows. 

Meanwhile, the executive producer of the show proclaimed that the Ellen DeGeneres Show is not going anywhere. The Sun Report confirmed that Corden would be the proposed, and long-term contender of the show. Only when it goes off the air, but the media partners don’t see this happening anytime soon. Even before the complaints about DeGeneres came into light, Corden topped the queue of potential successors. as shared by an anonymous source in NBS. Sources at Sun identify Corden as an apt and a natural fit for the “gap” DeGeneres would leave. 

The Very Many Tweets

With all of these events and reports, numerous posts describing the nature of talk show hosts were made in social media channels. Some British audiences posted tweets on how rude the British Talk Show hosts have turned to become. Most of them used unkind and rude words to describe behavior. 

In addition to these tweets, Louis Peitzman, a famous entertainment writer, tweeted, “Famously Kind Cordon.” The tweet was filled with sarcasm. After all, several other viewers have acknowledged and spoken about the inappropriate behavior of the host. Numerous observations and stories revealed a different side of the talk show industry. However, the integrity of these tweets is unclear. There are no solid facts, or clips to prove the accusations made.

The accusations began with stories of disappointment. Consequently, it went to a point where people spoke about how Cordon wished to bring down the salary of writers to which Cordon gave a response. he gave a personal message to the accusations. 

Did Cordon Request a Reduced Pay for Writers?

News about Cordon’s attempt to bring down the pay of writers surfaced in April 2019. The incident involved Hollywood’s Writers Union, known as WGA, where Jack Allison was an attendee. He told that Cordon appeared the meeting without his primary staffers. The meeting was exclusively meant for writers, and Cordon’s presence was unnecessary. When Cordon had to speak, he focused on a raging topic about lowering the pay grade of potential late-night show writers. 

Following Allison’s statement, a few others spoke about how Cordon spoke of lower pay for budding new late-night show writers. When compared against the standards maintained by WGA, the figures commented by Cordon was significantly low. Cordon defended these accusations by claiming that he wanted to lower the salary only for new interns. Cordon mentioned that he was only trying to get new writers into the team.

One of the best ways to convince leaders is with smaller pay figures. He firmly believes that everyone understood the request, with a positive spirit and for no other reason. Cordon said, “I would never pay a writer lesser than what he (or she) deserves.” He even spoke about how much he appreciated his writers’ work at the Late Late Night Show. During the meeting, all that he wished to achieve was to attract new writers in the business. 

Yet none of these comments from Cordon were enough to convince Alison.