Why would you defend something that is evil?

Why would you defend something that is evil?
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Fox News – Former Army Ranger blasts ‘woke’ military leadership.

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John Lovell is a true American hero. He’s definitely crossing line that’s been drawn by corrupt politicians forcing ideals they themselves don’t even follow. I salute you!!!

John lovell is legit. Agree totally. Wokism, CRT is ridiculous.


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After the Russians put up the Berlin Wall, JFK called for volunteers to join the military. I joined to fight the Russians if need be. Today, if Biden were to make that same plea and with the current military’s wokeism, I wouldn’t join the US Army to defend Germans or Afghans or any other terrorist, socialist country. The military leadership has forgotten what the military is tasked to due and is more concerned with becoming politically correct versus militarily preparedness.