Why Would Anyone Vote Biden Considering These Facts?

Why Would Anyone Vote Biden Considering These Facts?
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Joe Biden has an association with Obama propped by the Democratic group and dirty money. However, his grip on the presidential nomination seems to be slipping. His electability is considered to be a myth, and nomination spells disaster. Even if he manages to beat Trump in the election, he will not offer any respite from the present status-quo.

There are several facts associated with Biden, which may compel you or any voter to rethink electing him.

Reasons to not vote for Biden

  • Voting Biden will mean endorsing his vote on the Iraq invasion, which has witnessed over a million innocent citizens being killed. It will also mean supporting his long followed racism history, starting with his opposing court-ordered busing.
  • Biden is known to tell a lot of lies. He also made a false claim of holding three bachelor’s degree certificates. He claims to have graduated law school class in top honors & availing full scholarship. Moreover, he falsely claims to hail from a coal miners family located in Northeastern, Pennsylvania. He wrote instigating speeches & plagiarized during law school. He also claimed to have been arrested along with Nelson Mandela, which turned out to be false. His recent debate with Bernie Sanders recently saw him seeing right in Sander’s eye, including the American people. He made false claims of not providing repeated support to the Hyde Amendment that banned the federal government from funding abortion. He lies a lot, and this is one primary reason for people to avoid voting for him. It is useless to vote one liar to outvote another.
  • Many political experts consider him to be mentally unfit to run for the presidency campaign. He also has dementia, the reason why his campaign is trying to hide him and giving excuses to avoid debate with Trump. The senile man does not deserve to be given the nuclear launch codes.
  • Throughout his career, Biden has supported several right-wing policies like the 1994 crime bill expanding mass incarceration involving Black men. He also supported the writing of the fascist Patriot Act. He never apologized for all these acts, which indicates his position and might support it in the future.
  • Biden seems to be bent in destroying this beautiful planet as he does not seem to support the Green New Deal. Its objective is to cut down carbon emissions to zero by 2030. His objectives to achieve the same are by 2050, which is pretty late! According to climate change experts, human civilization might get extinct within this timeframe. So, he does not deserve to get the votes of those who want to live & enjoy this beautiful planet. He seems to be corrupted through immense contributions made by natural & oil energy companies.
  • Biden recently stated that if the bipartisan congress passes a bill on “Medicare for All,” he will veto it. This statement came amid the rapidly evolving viral pandemic. Before Covid-19, over 27 & ½ million American citizens did not have proper health insurance. Moreover, the lockdown implemented to tackle the pandemic has left millions unemployed. Then the figure involving people without health insurance has only risen significantly. People are sure not to vote for a person who will not support a good cause to give life to others. He also promotes corruption and also seems to have received the majority contribution from the healthcare industry.
  • The ‘Democratic National Committee’ is determined to make Biden the nominee. This will mean a vote to Biden translates to vote for the conservative Democratic Party. What happens if he manages to win substantial progressive support? Political experts consider that progressive voters are likely to give their votes to a corporatist. This is even if they are not provided with any ideological concessions. The plan is to eliminate Trump and push Biden towards the left. However, voting for him will only push the party to the right.
  • Biden is yet to come up with his Cabinet names. Due to his old age, he will perhaps be the oldest-serving president if elected. His supporters believe that his Cabinet will comprise of the “brightest and the best” secretaries. Yet, they seem to ignore his continuous fading mental abilities. 

Both Trump and Biden are equally awful, and Biden seems to be worse in some ways.