Why the Media is Ignoring the Waukesha Massacre!!!

Why the Media is Ignoring the Waukesha Massacre!!!
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Dr Steve Turley – Why the mainstream media is ignoring the Waukesha Massacre! 

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The media called Charlottesville an attack. But the same media is calling Waukesha a crash. All of the mainstream media, is doing this. They say crash instead of attack. Charlottesville was a white guy driving into a crowd of black people. Waleusha is a black guy driving into a crowd of mostly white people. So if the driver is white it is an attack, but if the driver is black it’s a crash. Wow such journalistic integrity, and then they got mad at Trump when he called them fake news. Well when they do crap like this, they aren’t legit news anymore.

The victims were the wrong skin color, the attacker is the wrong skin color. Clearly it’s all race based, and the MSM is a bunch of racist bigots. My question is, who is ordering them to do this? We need to figure out the head racists and focus on them. If we don’t, we are the next South Africa.

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For those wanting to know who the head racist is, it is a very simple answer. Who was the President who ( Along with his wife or whatever ) was causing racial tensions every time he was on the news, who was it that had 2 of the biggest racist on the Planet as almost daily guest and Advisors? His name is none other than Barrack ( Barry Sorento) Hussain Obama. In one of his interviews he even lays out how he would go about having a 3rd term, every thing he said is exactly what the country and the World is experiencing. Unfortunately he has Congress , the FBI, The CIA, and the DOJ all working with him ( as well as most DA’s, AG”s, local law enforcement etc ,) all bought and paid for by the Hitler youth leader George Soros.

peter allen

Great and honest post, thank you!